Tom Manzke, Preaching Minister
ManzkeTom is a  an avid guitarist and guitar enthusiast, when he was growing up his dream was to be a musician.  Tom became a Christian when he was twenty-three years old.  Shortly after that he went to college to study for the ministry.  Tom still has a passion for music but now his life passion is for communicating God's love that has been revealed in Jesus Christ.  Tom is married to Jennifer Manzke and has two sons, Isaac and Samuel. Tom has held ministries in Illinois, Indiana, and Minnesota.  He is a graduate of Minnesota Bible College, and has attended Lincoln Christian Seminary. 

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dickDick Storer, Elder
Dick, also known as Carl, was brought up in Ohio. He attended dental lab school in Elkhart, Indiana and is now working at TP Orthodontics, LaPorte Indiana, and has been there for 35 years. Dick became a Christian in 1972 and has striven to serve the Lord. He has been an Elder at Central for several years. He is married to Arlene.

artArt Flynn, Deacon, Trustee - Bio Updating shortly:

jeromeJerome Weiler, Deacon, Trustee
Jerome was born in Gary, Indiana and grew up in Valparaiso. He was baptized at the Flint Lake Church of Christ. He has been a member of Central Christian since 2007.   He was in the last graduating class of Valparaiso Technical Institute. He is married to Teresa and they have five children.

jeffJeff Bach, Trustee - Bio Updating shortly:

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